10 Minute Actors Vocal Warm-Up

Topics: Mouth, Time, Singing Pages: 2 (390 words) Published: April 5, 2013
!10 Minute Warm-Up – Voice & Speech w/ Kate Kaylee Villeneuve 1) Relaxation –
* Have everyone lay on the floor, legs extended, and activate conscious breathing. In through the nose and out through the mouth, (1 minute) then add the pause (30 seconds/3 reps) * Then have them vocalize with little “ha-ha’s” (30 seconds)“Release tension, and feel your body sinking into the floor.” * Then have them take their knees up to their chest and drop them to one side and have them breathe to the side that is towards the ceiling. Repeat on other side. (both for 1 min) * Then have them come to a crouching position and begin to roll up with “ha-ha’s” very heavily, and feeling every vertebrae as you come up. (20 seconds) 2) Resonators –

* Once everyone is up off the floor, have them tap their faces just to wake up the sinuses and massage the jaw and face. Then have them go “ME-ME-ME” like a baby, feeling the sound in their nose, very nasally (15 seconds) * Then move to “MAY” by having them throw their arms to the sides using the chest voice then have them hum the first “MMMMMM….AY” (starting low) by bringing the arms in then out on “AY” (15 seconds) * Have them standing the modified gorilla position and feel the back and go “MOE” in the chest voice, but feel it vibrating in the lower back. Tell them to go as low as they can. (15 seconds) 3) Articulators –

* Tongue Twisters: (write on board)
* Red leather, yellow leather - EASY
* Real weird rear wheels - MEDIUM
* The sixth sick sheiks sixth sheep’s sick. – the HARDEST tongue twister

see how many times you can do it in 30 seconds without messing up. 4) Full voice –
* Have everyone go to a space on the wall and squat on it, connect to breathing again * “Does everyone remember their monologue from last week? Take the first line, or if its really short the first 2 lines and whisper them for the first time, then in the second round get...
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