10 Hot Issues in IT Management

Topics: Management, Strategic management, Organization Pages: 4 (1189 words) Published: August 16, 2011
Assignment 1: 10 Hot IT Issues Review
David C. Johnson
Capella University
MBA 6180- Managing Information Assets and Technology
Professor Danielle Babb
February 27, 2011

The author provides a very in depth look at the landscape of the IT environment. He identifies 10 key ideas that members of the IT community will need to focus on in the coming years. Looking at this article from the perspective of a manager and a leader in an IT organization I am inclined to agree with Kanter’s assertions.

1. Electronic Commerce revisited: the Internet and beyond Despite the fact that the internet bubble burst and there was a time where even thinking about starting a business based on the internet would get you laughed out of a business meeting E-commerce has continued to expand and produce new and better ways of doing business across the world via the internet. The perfect example of this is the increase in online ordering over the holidays. This year I did not set foot in a single store over the holiday season choosing instead to place orders for all of my Christmas gifts through online vendors like amazon.com or my favorite stores online portal. 2. Web services to support internal and external collaboration I whole-heartedly agree with this assertion as well. When I look into the cloud based services like Salesforce.com and the upcoming office 365. The focus of many of our largest software manufacturers has been to deliver full on solutions for business problems over the Internet. Now a day’s customer can check live inventory at vendor locations, we can track delivery times and make changes to our orders on the fly via the internet. Thanks to delivery.com I can now order my lunch via a web app on my Iphone. Things like Google Apps allows for the editing of a single document by multiple participants in real time. How can you be more collaborative then this? The online aspect of this destroys the need for...
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