10 Global Hospitality Trends in Hotel

Topics: Hotel, Hospitality industry, Lodging Pages: 3 (915 words) Published: March 13, 2013
Time to time hospitality industry experiences important changes that impact globally the hotelier industry practices. Currently global economics factors and increase international travel and tourism volumes, driven by the growing BRIC economies. As well mega events in Europe and South America from 2012 through 2016 have impact the global hospitality sector. As result owners and managers are implementing news worldwide practices to enhance value and competitiveness such as sustainability and brand refreshment (Ernst & Young, 2012). This report will present and reveal top ten trends and issues considered to be primary areas of focus in the global hospitality industry at present time. Firstly this essay will start presenting the new emerging trends in hotels and resorts services and practices. Secondly will reveal a key issue for owners’ and hotel chains .Lastly one main trend that has brought opportunities to increase hotel demand in the global market. In order to be more efficient and more competitive hotels services and practices have suffered changes. Firstly there is less service provided by the staff and more service provided by the guest. It starts from making one's own reservation, self checking in to help self-service breakfasts. The second trend is forever changing employees which cause a shortage of 10-15 million skilled workers in this industry. Consequently this shortage has produced an increase in multi-tasking employees in order to have more productivity. Thirdly is the hyper active owner groups trend, that presently are more vigorous individuals than corporations demanding rapid financial returns (Rushmore, 2012). Follow by the fourth trend, multiple brands from the same mould. Hotels chains are desperate for global expansion that it is easier for them to created new chain with a homogenised product that fixes an old chain. Management...
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