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Topics: Khyber Pass, Afghanistan, "Weird Al" Yankovic Pages: 7 (2767 words) Published: June 2, 2014
1. Nasiruddin
The nationality of nasiruddin is not yet known. There are different claims of different countries about the birth of nasiruddin. The Iranians claim that he was an Iranian. The Turks say that he was born in turkey. The latest claim is that of Russians who say that he was born in Bukhara. Although his place of birth and nationality is not known but one thing is clear that he is famous all over the world for his funny stories. In England, many books about his life and stories have been published. A translation of his humorous stories has been published in china. A novel, about his life, has been published in Russia. Urdu and Pashto translations are also present. People often repeat these stories. Nasiruddin was tailor, a merchant and a judge.

2. Rustam and Sohrab
Once upon a time there was a great warrior in Iran. Where name was Rustam. He was very brave and strong. He married the princes of Kurdistan. His wife gave birth to a son while he was out of the country. She sent a word to Rustam that she has given Birth to a daughter. Rustam send an amulet for his daughter and it was tied around the child’s arm his name was Sohrab. Like his father he was also a brave fellow and he joined the Joranian army. In order to find his father out. He was the commander of Joranian army. The king of joran attacked Iran and got a tremendous victory. The king of Iran was very upset and he requested Rustam to help him. At last Rustam agreed and there took place of a fierce battle between Rustam and Sohrab in which the latter was killed. Rustam grieved a lot after getting the original identity of Sohrab.

3. A Visit to the Mills
When we reached the mills, we saw many trucks, tractors other carriages full of sugarcane. There was a cane-carried, which was used for carrying the cane. We got the guidance of a local worker. As a guide, he took us to the cane- carrier. There was a belt, which was taking the cane into a tunnel. The sharp blades inside the tunnel cut sugarcane into pieces. Then we saw a big system of drums, boilers and pipelines. They well very hot then he took us to a part of the mills where sugarcane was being crushed. There were very big moving wheels, which run the mills. The rollers of the mills put a lot of pressure can the sugarcane. So the sugar juice was boiled in the fined drums thorough a very hot system. At last, we reached that part of the mills where sugarcane was being put into bags. These bags were automatically weighed, stitched and send to the storehouse.

4. Helen Keller
A wonderful lady named Helen Keller came to this world in 1880 in a small village of USA. In her early age she fell ill seriously and recovered but deaf and blind. At the age of seven years her gather got a lady Miss Sueeivan for Helen Keller. Miss Sueeivan was also blind but she had got her light back. She used to take Helen to the bank of the River. She put Helen’s hand in the water and wrote the word w-a-t-e-r with it. After writing it many times in this way, she was able to write the word W-a-t-e-r. Little by little she learnt about the mountains, rivers and other things. When she was eight years old she went to a school for blind children. At the age of Ten (10) she learnt how to use her voice. She also learnt books with raised point. She got successfulness in all her examinations. She visited this country in order to help the blind and deaf people. She was really a great woman.

5. A Clever Impostor

One there was a man who was completely an illiterate fellow. He lived near a school. He watched children going to their school. Having no job, he thought of opening a school. He brought some desks and chairs into the rooms of his house. He decorated the walls with some maps and bought slates, chalks, books and pencils. Soon a lot of people came to admit their children. Now children were admitted but he did not know how to teach them. Suddenly he got a clever method of teaching. He would give a book to a...
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