10 Child Observation

Topics: Playground, Play, Jungle gym Pages: 3 (635 words) Published: April 21, 2015
Alex Fox
Oxford Community Park
Sunday, November 9th at 2:00 P.M.

#10 Child Observation:
2:00 – Two children are playing at a playground with their parents in Oxford, Ohio. Child B is wearing a red shirt and long pants. Child S is wearing a hoodie and long pants as well. 2:03 – Child S is climbing on the playground equipment with her friend Child B, they move around the playground. 2:06 – Child S yells for her mom to look at her walking across a balance beam and her mom tells her to be careful, she replies back to her mom that she will and then she jumps off. 2:09 – Child B moves onto the monkey bars and starts swinging across, he stops halfway through to regain his grip and then finishes to the other side. 2:12 – Child B then moves up to the top of the slide, he calls the girl to come up with him so that they can go down together. She says she does not want to. 2:15 – Child S is on the jungle gym and sit on it, she moves around the climbs inside and tells her mom to come get her, teasing her mom. 2:18 – Child S climbs out of the jungle gym from the top and starts climbing down, she goes over to the merry go round, and spins on the top. 2:21 – Child B joins her on the spinning top, they push and run round and round until they can not keep up anymore then they both quickly jump on, they laugh in excitement. 2:24 – Child S goes all the way up to the slide and then slides down it, she starts walking over to her mom. 2:27 – Child S sits down on the bench with her mom, she brings out snacks and drink for her child and Child S enjoys them while Child B is still out playing on the playground.

I did my playground observation on Sunday, November 9th at the Oxford Community Park starting at 1:00 P.M. which lasted till about 2:30 P.M. I traveled to this location because it was close to my apartment and I was somewhat familiar with the park/area. The two individuals I observed today were S and B. Child B was a blonde haired boy wearing a blue shirt and tan...
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