10 Boss Make Mistakes

Topics: Leadership, Decision making, Management Pages: 3 (629 words) Published: September 12, 2013
Top 10 mistakes bosses make
NOT knowing when to fire someone, poor communication skills and expecting too much from staff all add up to make a bad business leader. 1. Expecting employees to be clones

Problems emerge when the boss places very high expectations on their staff to provide perfect service or put themselves on the line. Leaders become disappointed when employees don’t demonstrate the same level of commitment, enthusiasm and performance as they have themselves - but it’s safe to say most staff probably wouldn’t feel the same way about their job as the boss does. Failure, and for that matter simple indifference, is often regarded as unacceptable, leading to a breakdown in relationships and communication. [pic]

What other qualities make a bad boss? What mistakes do your superiors make? Tell us below. [pic]
2. Micro-managing people
Good interpersonal skills are necessary to bring out the best in people. But certain attitudes can get in the way. Micro-managing rather than leading people is a major fault.
Entrepreneurs can fall into the trap of getting their hands too dirty, trying to fix everything and overseeing almost all areas of responsibility, rather that delegating responsibilities. As a consequence, leader effectiveness and delivering on a strategy is compromised. 3. Limited communication skills

Leadership involves communicating a vision and strategy to staff. Ineffective communication and poor listening skills hinder this process. Managers often devote little time for small talk, along with those behaviours necessary for building and sometime sustaining interrelationships with employees. 4. Not paying enough attention to detail

Related to the problems associated with micro-managing and over-extending oneself is the tendency to push too hard in one area to the detriment of another. As a result, bosses fail to follow-up on important decisions and fail to develop coherent organisational strategies that take key elements into account.  5....
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