10 1 Act1 3 Answers

Topics: Judaism, The Merchant of Venice, Usury Pages: 3 (661 words) Published: February 5, 2015
English 10 -1
“The Merchant of Venice”
Act 1 – Scene 3

1. Bassanio contact Shylock regarding the loan. What are the terms of the loan? What does it mean for Antonio to be “bound” to a loan? The terms of the loan was
Interest free
The guarantor was to be Antonio
If Bassanio did not repay the loan in three months, then Shylock would take a pound of flesh from Antonio.

2. What does it mean when Shylock says, “Antonio is a good man” (Line 12)? How does Bassanio take his meaning? What distinction does this show between the two men in terms of their priorities or states of mind? “Antonio is a good man,” means that Antonio would never go back on his word. The debt would be paid off in full, either by ducats or a pound of flesh. Also it could be perceived as a taunt or teasing.

3. Shylock does a risk analysis of Antonio’s ability to repay the loan in (Lines 13-26). What are the risks? What does Shylock say outweighs those risks for him? Would this be enough for you to lend him the money? Antonio has many investments that might fail. The risk ability to repay the loan was bleak.

4. Bassanio invites Shylock to eat with Antonio and him, but Shylock refuses. What reasons does he give? Why does he seem so bitter all at once? What underlying resentment is there?

Shylock refuses for two reasons.
The food that Christians eat is not permitted in the Jewish religion. Shylock has such hatred towards Antonio that he would not consider having a meal with the same man that spit on him and that called him a dog.

5. Once Antonio enters, Shylock’s gives us insight into why he dislikes Antonio. How would his feelings reflect the political position Jews held in Elizabethan society? How would his attitude towards the merchant influence his risk analysis? Shylock’s conversation with Antonio gives the audience insight to the Jewish position in society. When Shylock’s meets with Antonio, he has a strong dislike of Antonio. The manner in...
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