1 You Can T Judge The Book By Its Cover

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Sept. 18, 2013
Topic: You Can’t Judge a Book by its Cover

The feeling of being discriminated against is the same for everybody. It hurts and it makes you feel angry and lose self-confidence. Nobody likes to be discriminated against and to be told she cannot do this because she is this and she is that. It is just unethical. But then again we just do it, sometimes unconsciously.

When I was back in the Philippines, I lived at the southern part of the country called Mindanao. It is the biggest island in the whole archipelago where you can find green forests, farm, big cities and rebels. Some of the people from other parts of the country have this impression that Mindanao is a poor and dangerous place and that if you go there you will most likely be robbed, stabbed or worse kidnapped, but it is possible, that may happen in other places too - I wondered. I admit that crime is rampant in Mindanao and that there is also poverty in Mindanao but people cannot just make generalizations about the island. One day our team (soccer women's team) played against the La Salle team - the team from the northern part of the country called Luzon, where the referee called a foul because there was a collision between my teammate and their teammate. It was an accident because both players where focusing on the ball and they did not see each other and the next thing we know they slammed into each other and fell to the ground. Then the other team kept saying stuff like, "Ahh! That is because they are from the slums" and "Go back to the ghetto! The place where you came from." – in our language of course, and the referee sided them and gave us the foul. We felt so angry and hurt because we felt that his decision was biased, but we decided to not challenge his decision so that we would not upset him and, as a result, might cause a biased decision in our next game. That experience made me feel so hurt because I cannot believe that they could say stuff like that and...
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