1 Year MBA

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Assignments of One Year MBA / Two Year MBA/ One Year Executive MBA
Semester - I
1. Students are requested to go through the instructions carefully. 2. The Assignment is a part of the internal assessment.
3. Marks will be awarded for each Assignment, which will be added to the total marks. Assignments carry equal marks. 4. The completed Assignments of different modules should be bundled together before sending it to the Institute IN THE ADDRESS GIVEN ABOVE or it can be mail to us 2 weeks before the commencement of the examination with the roll number and name of the student. 5.Students who have not received the full set of modules may send the Assignments after receiving the complete set of modules of the semester. 1. Principles and Practices of Management

How will you influence people to strive willingly for group objectives in your organization (target based industry)? Apply your interpersonal influence through communication process towards attaining your specialized goals? 2.Human Resources Management

The present state of recession in the IT Industry - as a Human Resource Manager how are you going to undertake Human Resource Planning at Macro Level to tide over this crisis? 3. Financial Management

What will your outlook towards maintenance of liquid assets to ensure that the firm has adequate cash in hand to meet its obligations at all times?

Ans: 'Liquid Asset'
An asset that can be converted into cash quickly and with minimal impact to the price received. Liquid assets are generally regarded in the same light as cash because their prices are relatively stable when they are sold on the open market.  Liquid assets are cash on hand or any tangible or intangible item that can be converted quickly and easily into cash, typically within 20 days, without losing much of their value. These assets are among the most basic types of financial resources used by consumers, businesses, and investors. Cash and checking accounts are the two most obvious forms of liquid assets. Currency

Legal tender for purchases and to settle outstanding debts, currency remains the most common type of liquid asset used consistently by retail consumers. Money that is deposited into a savings or checking account is considered to be a liquid asset because it is possible to immediately access the funds in order to settle debts. The debit card offers consumers even greater access to immediate liquid assets.  Investments

Some interest-bearing investments can be liquidated quickly, qualifying them as liquid assets. Money market fund shares, bonds, mutual funds, and the cash value of a life insurance policy are examples of investments that can provide quick cash when necessary. Certificates of deposit and stocks might also qualify under this definition. While the actual market liquidity of each asset may vary, the key is that there are always people looking to buy these items, so they can be sold relatively easily. In the case of some jointly owned assets, only a percentage of an asset could be considered liquid.  Other Assets

The final settlement awarded by a court for damages in a lawsuit could also be considered to be a liquid asset, depending on the terms of payment specified by the court. Tax refunds and the balances of trust funds are often included in the working definition of liquid assets. Less Liquid and Illiquid Assets

Mortgages are sometimes considered a liquid asset, but they are much less liquid than many other types. Real estate is also more likely to sold at less than its value if it must be liquidated quickly; if the market is unstable, it may be difficult to determine the true value of real estate as well. Since a key part of liquidity is that the asset be sold at or very near its actual value, this means that real estate is...
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