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1. What are the different parenting styles used by families? Which do you think is better? Why? a. The different parenting styles are the permissive, authoritarian, and democratic style. I believe the democratic style of parenting is best because both the child and the parent voices are being heard. The parents understand and hear out their child’s point of view and thoughts of a topic, and take it into consideration in order to make the final decision. 2. What makes a person ready for parenthood? When should an individual consider entering parenthood? Who should postpone parenthood? Should everyone become a parent eventually? Do you think some people should not become parents altogether. a. I believe not everyone should have children. There are a lot of people in the world that have kids for the wrong reasons. Some people have kids to try to patch and solve their domestic partners or even use a child as a financial benefit. Someone should consider having a child, when they have a steady job and when they know that their other biological parent will be thereto help support and have a positive effect on their Childs life. Someone that should consider postponing parent hood is someone that is not ready financially wise. Other reasons are that people who haven’t a reason to have a child or someone that is not doing well in life, should also postpone parenthood. Not everyone should become a parent, and I believe this statement because everybody isn’t fit to become a parent and some people would like to have a life without giving the birth of their children. People who has no idea in what do with a kid and how to take care of a child shouldn’t have children.
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