1 Music And The Effects It Can Have On A Person 1

Topics: Music genre, Religious music, Andrae Crouch Pages: 3 (1387 words) Published: April 5, 2015
Music and the effects it can have on a Person

There are< not a good construction. many different genres of music,< sentence runon the two genres I chose to contrast, no comma are gospel/inspirational and hip-hop music. I chose the two,comma not needed because I can relate to the both of them. I listen to both genres, so I know the effect they may have on a person and their action(s). I know how the lyrics in both types of music can alter my mood. Do you have any other proof?: Before reading any further, please understand this, I am not trying to bash any genre of music. I like a lot of different styles of music< make this better researched than just your opinion. Find some facts. . I just know there is a reaction to every action. Whatever a person consumes, almost always has a reaction or effect. A person singular should keep an eye out for the negative or positive in the music they this does not agree with a person listen to. It will teach a person what is good for their agreement mood and how the music they listen to effectsaFFECTS how they navigate through their everyday challenges. The music you< shifted point of view from third to second. Write point says not to use “you”: too informal for a university paper. choose to listen to can also have an impact on those around you, such as your children. The young are greatly influenced by what they hear and see, and this alone should make us want to be of more cautious. I think
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