1. Introduction Distribution Supported Pricing & Design Registration

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1.Introduction Distribution Supported Pricing & Design Registration Most Semiconductor Manufactures choose 2 channels to sell their products. Direct where Value, Quantities or Strategic reasons Manufacturers uses its own sales operations. Remaining customers supported indirectly through distributors, setting distribution bye price to allow the distributor to make margin. Manufactures allow Distributor to apply for Volume or Strategic pricing and getting further discount called supported pricing. Some Products require “Technical Sales and Support” while being "designed in", to encourage and cover additional costs incurred a further distribution price reduction is offered, allowing additional profit from the work. To monitor, and administrate this process a supported price / design registration scheme is set up. 2.The Registration Process.

The Process required the Applications / Sales Engineer to complete paper a registration form:
Figure 1 Registration Form
Once a Customer has been visited the form is completed and sent in to the distributor’s office, by fax or post. There a Franchise Manager who has responsibility for controlling and processing the application, checks the form and forwards to the Franchise’s Sales person, who then check the form and if accepted issues the supported pricing or design registration the process is outline in the registration flow diagram below. There were 2 sets of records, the distributors and the franchise. The Distributor records are duplicated as the FEA Sales and the franchise Manager kept a copy.

Figure 2 Design Registration Flow Diagram
3.Issues with the Registration Process.
1.Updating, synchronisation and access to the records are difficult 2.Customer Identification correct Name Address, Multi Site, with an account, or with out, New customers, Previous account Activity, Competitions activity (Business aligned with other Distributors), Buying Location different to Engineering Location, Use of sub contact manufactures. 3.Part Identification, wrong part number, part not register-able. 4.Form Processing time taken, lost forms and the irritate process with mistakes 5.Staff Monitoring, Performance and Assessment such as the number of Active, dead, billing registrations, by Franchise, Sales / applications staff, or business interval. effects of promotional activities 6.Filing the applications, by date, by customer, by franchise. 7.Accessing the Records, for review, pricing quotations, and who had access to the documents (business intelligence and competitive advantage) 8.Tracking and co-ordination of the application in to billing. 4.Organisational and Managerial Change Situation.

The Process was changed to use a replicating access database Since Each member of staff has either a PC (office based) or a laptop (field based). There was an existing office network, and server.

Figure 3 Company IT infrastructure.
The Office based staff can access, search and generate reports from the data base. Field Based Staff have their own local data base which is replicated from the Master Data Base. This data base has the registrations, customer details and register able Franchise part numbers. Registrations are entered to local data bases using selecting options where the information is already located in the data base, as outlined above. When connected to the network through a VPN, the user replicates the data base adding new Registrations. Receiving changes to the data base such as Part numbers, register-able Devices or customer data is. The process for the registrations is the similar to the flow shown in the above Flow Diagram, However now the process is driven automatically. The new System was able to address the Issues outlined above as follows:- 5.Addressing Issues and New Fetchers

1.Updating, change information , synchronisation are automatic, all required have access 2.Customer identification is correct because they are selected from a pick list from the...

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