1. in Not More Than 250 Words Each (Not More Than 500 Words in Total) Describe the Significance of Tipoo's Tiger and Brighton Pavilion to the Encounter Between ‘East’ and ‘West’

Topics: Tipu Sultan, Victoria and Albert Museum, Victoria of the United Kingdom Pages: 2 (510 words) Published: January 14, 2011
Tipoo’s tiger is a significant symbol between the East and West. It represents India’s dominance over the West, Europe. The Tiger represents India’s power, with the soldier representing Britain. However, Tipoo’s Tiger is located at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. It was captured from the Sultan after the British invaded Seringapatam and killed Tipu Sultan on the 4th May, 1799. The palace was then attacked and the Sultans belongings scattered, with many ending up in Britain, most noticeably, the representation, carved in wood, of a tiger devouring an English soldier. It was kept for a time it was kept at the headquarters of the East India Company before being transferred in the 1850s to the South Kensington Museum, now the Victorian and Albert Museum. This represents a significant end to the conflict. It lies on display for all to remember Tipu’s power and the attitudes towards Europeans at that time. It’s also a symbol for many Asians living in Britain today, as it represents past events, the victories India had to overcome. However, William Dalrymple believes that even with such symbols, history is always going to repeat itself. He believes there are many similarities in Henry Dundas, the minister who oversaw the East India company, and Richard Wellesley with Bush and Rumsfield. “Dundas and Wellesley were certainly more intelligent and articulate than Bush or Rumsfield, but they were no less cynical in their aims, nor less ruthless in the means they employed to affect them.” (Dalrymple, www.guardian.co.uk, 2005) Brighton Pavilion is another significant symbol of relations between the East and the West. Williams Pordons designs of the Pavilion looked very similar to those of Indian Palaces. This is very significant to East West relations as it shows some kind of acceptance by Britain to other cultures and ideas, things they seemed reluctant to accept during their earlier encounters with Eastern Countries. Therefore, the Brighton Pavilion...
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