1. Effects of Public Policies and Government Entities on Social Class.

Topics: Sociology, Social class, Working class Pages: 3 (920 words) Published: June 8, 2013
1. Effects of public policies and government entities on Social class. As discussed earlier, there can be many aspects that may affect social classes and these changes and differences can be seen almost everywhere. In this society, starting from schools, workplaces, clothes, music and even the lives in which people live in are all affected in one way or the other by social class. When it comes to a school, teachers may favor students coming from higher classes, and consider them as more intelligent and smarter than the others But this is not absolutely true, since there is simply no evidence that children of lower classes have lower levels of intelligence. Having said this, it is quite obvious when it comes to answering the question of who has the most power in the Country, it would be those who have money. Public Policies and the governmental rules and regulations are enforced within a country in order to minimize threats and inequalities and maintain and equal, prosperous and rightful nation. Governments and public policies are not supposed to be bias and it is definitely not enforced in order to support the rich and suppress the poor. Plus all these rules and regulations are considered to be common to all people living in the country and not just to a certain segment of it. But in the current context, this is rarely the case. Even the government is buried under the soil of power, money and greed, forgetting about all the norms and values of creating equalization among the society. The Sri Lankan Government, for example differentiates its ways of treating and benefitting people according to their social classes and mostly with regard to power and money. Here, the higher your social class is, the higher privilege you will receive, and those with high power will have more benefits and consolation when it comes to establishing public policies. True, there are more than enough criminal laws, and various other rules established in the society, but none of these...
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