1. Describe the problems that led to the Roman Empire’s “third-century crisis

Topics: Roman Empire, Han Dynasty, Ancient Rome Pages: 2 (302 words) Published: February 23, 2014
1. Describe the problems that led to the Roman Empire’s “third-century crisis” During the 3rd century, the Roman Empire declined, and internal as well as external problems culminated into a crisis state. Factors that led to this crisis include political, economic and military problems.

I. Political
a. Frequent change of rulers
b. Caused civil wars
II. Military
a. Civil wars made Rome vulnerable to barbarian raids
b. Could not prevent external conflict
III. Economic
a. Increased warfare
b. Greedy emperors pocketing money
c. Shift from urban to rural living

2. Describe the rise of the Han dynasty in china.
In 202 BCE, the Han dynasty was born. Through new leadership, less strict laws, and popularity among the citizens, the Han dynasty flourished in China for more than 4 centuries. I. Leadership
a. Liu Bang
II. Laws
a. Got rid of many laws from Qin dynasty- heavy taxation, excessive forced labor, etc. III. Popularity
a. More laid back
b. Simple leaders who were easy to understand

3. What role did technology play in the success and spread or the Han dynasty? Technology played a main role in the success of the Han dynasty from 202 BCE-220 CE. Communication, infrastructure, and military advances helped the dynasty expand. I. Communication

a. Paper
II. Infrastructure
a. Roads
III. Military
a. Cavalry
b. Horse collars
4. Explain the expansion of Christianity at the same time of the roman decline. Are these factors related? As the Roman Empire was declining, Christianity was quickly spreading. During this decline, Romans were hungry for the spiritual satisfaction as well as security that they formerly had when the Roman Empire was thriving. You could say Christianity picked up the slack for the Roman Empire. I. Political

a. Church hierarchy mimicked roman government
b. Formed political stability
II. Spiritual
a. United members of the roman empire through the church
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