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Creative Sparks Talk Analysis



18 June 2015


Creative Sparks Talk Analysis Sir Kenneth Robinson is a published author and a teacher who is inspiring others to question whether the education system is appropriate for today’s learning environment. He believes that the current education system in place in schools today should incorporate more creativity and questionable thinking by students, instead of being forced to follow what has always been done by those before us. During a TED conference in May 2014, he gave a speech entitled “How Schools Kill Creativity”. Although the main bullets of his message pointed out how the current curriculum looks down on individual creativity in the classroom, he was also able to make clear his position on changing the mundane thinking of how creative instruction can be presented to children.

How do Sir Kenneth Robinson’s talks illuminate some of the changes in creativity? Sir Kenneth Robinson speech began with speaking about how we as a society have become so focused on the importance of educating our youth. After which, he pointed out that children have the amazing ability to learn and grasp concepts quickly, and by not taking advantage of that quality, we are wasting valuable talent relying on the current learning systems which are in place today. He referenced how today’s society believes it is doing the right thing by trying to prepare our children for years in the future, even though we have no idea what the future holds for this ever-changing society. By utilizing the four stages of creativity, it is clear that the current educational curriculum suppresses the creativity in young minds, even when it is obviously trying to get out of some of today’s youth. According to Ryan Ruggiero, the first stage is basically looking for “meeting challenges in an imaginative, original, and effective way” (Ruggiero, 2012). The second stage, is expressing the problem or issue. Ryan

References: Robinson, K. (2014, May). How schools kill creativity [Video file]. Retrieved from Creative Spark website: https://portal.phoenix.edu/medialibrary/videodetails.02-VIDEO-5360150dd0463e6f0233d6f7.html Ruggiero, V.R. (2012). The art of thinking: a guide to critical and creative thought  (10th ed.) From The University of Phoenix’s eBook Collection database.

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