1. as Computers Are Being Used More and More in Education, There Will Be Soon No Role for Teachers in Classroom.

Topics: Education, Psychology, Computer Pages: 2 (449 words) Published: February 5, 2011
This day and age computer technologies are being widely used in most if not all sectors of industries in the world and the educational domain is no exception either. They are chiefly used to access information for doing research and assignments in the latter field, because of the availability of extensive amount of data on the Internet. Admittedly, it might be very difficult for a student to imagine doing and submitting a coursework in a handwritten form rather than soft and printed version. Computers are also widely applied to gain knowledge from a distance, however, those devices do not teach the students themselves. A teacher and a student are connected to each other from any corner of the globe to have a lesson using video conferencing technologies like a computer and a webcam. Furthermore, there are some websites that are intended to teach people a certain subject and of course those online courses are also done by the specialist teachers of those subjects. So that regardless of how functional and sophisticated computers are, they can only complement rather than supplant teachers. It is also believed that sooner or later robot-based learning will widely spread in classrooms all over the world, but I strongly believe that artificial intelligence can never fully replace the role of teachers in classes. Currently some teacher robots are being experimented to deliver lessons for school children in Japan and the USA according to the New York Times report, but the results and the efficiency of those classes are not evident for the time being as far as I know. In my opinion, student interaction with such artificial people is not as encouraged as a human tutor. Because machines are highly programmed only to perform basic tasks and teach young children simple subjects like foreign languages. They may not be able to answer a student’s any questions thrown at them, because artificial tutors are programmed to answer only those questions which are related to the subject...
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