Topics: Beowulf, Suffering, Night Pages: 3 (396 words) Published: June 18, 2015
Grendel’s Character Traits
(choose a minimum of four)
Provide supporting evidence from 
the poem that reveals the trait.
Which qualities from “Heroism” 
are needed to defeat the trait?
Why would the quality help a 
hero defeat Grendel?
1. Bitter-

2. Cruel
3. Self-Indulgent

4. Lonely

“Then the mighty war-spirit endured for a season,Bore it bitterly, he who bided in darkness,That light-hearted laughter loud in the building Greeted him daily; there was dulcet harp-music,Clear song of the singer.”  

“The monster of evil,Greedy and cruel tarried but little,Fell and frantic, and forced from their slumbers Thirty of thanemen; thence he departed.Leaping and laughing, his lair to return to,With surfeit of slaughter sallying homeward.” “But one night after continued his slaughter.Shameless and shocking, shrinking but little. From malice and murder; they mastered him fully. So ruled he and strongly strove against justice.Lone against all men, till empty uptowered. The choicest of houses. Long was the season: Twelve-winters’ time torture suffered

The friend of the Scyldings, every afflication, Endless agony; hence it after became Certainly known to the children of men Sadly in measures, that long against Hrothgar Grendel struggled:—his grudges he cherished,Murderous malice, many a winter”  

  “Why can't I have someone to talk to? I said. The stars said nothing, but I pretended to ignore the rudeness. “The Shaper has people to talk to," I said. I wrung my fingers. "Hrothgar has people to talk to."  

Act with their heart
Not worried about difficulty

Acts in the best interest of others

Self Confidence
 This quality would help defeat Grendel because instead of acting out of bitterness and anger during a battle, like he would, a hero would act with his heart, which he always knows is right.

This quality would help defeat Grendel...
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