Topics: Puberty, Human development Pages: 4 (1232 words) Published: February 26, 2015

1.1 Describe the expected pattern of children and young peoples development from birth to 19 years to include

. physical development
. communication and intellectual development
. social, emotional behaviour

All children and young people develop at there own rate. Even thou there are milestones that children should reach during childhood. Here is a table for those milestones.

Birth to 1 years. Turns their there head to sound and sighs develop the ability to hold there own heads up
movement with their arms and legs they become more controlled can roll over from back to tummy
When lying on there tummy there able to lift there heads then there chest. Being able to support self with for arms and then straight arms. Explore hands and feet when lying down on there back. When they are vertical positions they grab there feet. Often picks up object and puts them into there mouths. Enjoys others company. Gazes at other faces and starts copying others. i.e. sticking out there tongue. Responds to parents or care giver and others voice may get excited causing there arms and legs facial expressions excited responses.

Loves cuddles and being held, snuggle in, holds hand, fingers turns towards a familiar voices

1-2 years walks alone and stands on tiptoe
climbs on furniture and begins to run
builds a tower with 6 or more bricks
empty toys from tubs

become aware of there there own identity
may become naughty
love to play with other children
speak lots of words
can link a few words together
can speak clearly enough for there parents to understand some of there words scribble with pens or pencils
finds objects

2-3 years

can walk up and down stairs
kicks, climbs runs, can ride a balance bike or scooter with help can use building blocks more than 6
turns pages in books
takes turns
openly affectionate
easily separates from parents

2-3 years cont

can speak more words
can speak more of a whole sentences
states 1st...
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