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What makes a good parent according to Dr. Tanya Byron?
A good parent according to Dr. Tanya Byron is one who doesn’t worry about being a good parent. What are some of the common problems that children might have? Some common problems children might have are temper tantrums, sleep problems, eating problems, and toileting problems. Why is play important in the parent-child relationship?

Play is important in parent- child relationships because it encourages bonding. As well as improves cognitive function, and emotional development as well as social skills and communication. Do you think you will be a good parent? Why or why not?

I hope so if I decide to have kids. I want to be a good parent and do right by my kid but we all have our struggles and are weaker in some areas of parenting than others , but I think I will be a supportive mom and provide the very best I can for my kid. Why did the men say that they were ready for children?

The men said they were ready for children then because they had kind of grown up and been able to be a couple with their significant other at this point they were able to live a little before taking such a big leap. What did the men have to learn as new fathers?

Do you think the fathers enjoy fatherhood more today than in the past? Why or why not? I think they probably enjoy it more today as they are quite a bit more experienced and things are much more advanced plus you get to be more involved in your kids life as time passes which wasn’t common in the past What are some of the difficulties that new fathers (and mothers) face Some difficulty new parents face is the coming of a child. For example we all have a picture painted in our head of what it means to be a parent but you don’t actually know how it’s going to go till you get one and that can be a big hit in the face.
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