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1.1 Describe the school policy for displays
They need to be age appropriate as they are different age groups in school. In school setting there are different age groups for example key stage one and key stage two does different work to each other. As there different age groups there should different topics and key words so it relevant to all the different age. You have to make sure the display is appropriate and based in a topic that the children will cover or has cover. All work needs to be marked. 1.2 Describe the importance and purposes of displays in the school The propose of display is that it encourages students to do well, adults so they can read it and think that this is a good school and the publics are good when it comes towards to learning. Display can be used as the following:-

You can show off the display, teacher, parents and students will be that children can do work like this. Display are hanged in school so student can reflect it on as they will not forget the topic they did. Also it helps them with their homework because they can read the display and found out understand more information. 1.3 Describe how displays are used in the learning process

Dyslexia board helps to give a lot of information and it motivate children who got dyslexia. The dyslexia board gives awareness and gives more information about people who has dyslexia. People can understand that dyslexia people are still successful and can still works in classroom however need help with certain stuffs e.g. Larger books. Aim higher display board help children who are struggling to revise, make timetable or even children who don’t know what to become in the future. This is a great way for children as they will explore new tips and develop the skills. They will inspire children to well in their career. Cultural displays are there to show visitors that the school puts events such as Eid, Christmas and many more events. It is important for schools to promote and value cultural...
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