1.09 Lap Report

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Graded Assignment
Lab Report
Answer the questions. When you are finished, submit this assignment to your teacher by the due date for full credit.
(5 points)
1. Describe generally what happened to each spot of each type of ink. Which had the most pigments? Answer:
The black ink went from a light blue to dark blue then to red. The red ink went from red to pink. It went the furthest out of the inks. The green ink went from dark blue to green and then yellow. Out of the 3 inks, the green ink had the most pigments.

(5 points)
2. Compare the effectiveness of each of the four kinds of solvents. Answer:
Water will move the ink the furthest. Next, is the water and alcohol mix. After that would be the alcohol, and last is the oil.

(5 points)
3. Which solvent caused the ink from the dots to move the most? Which solvent caused the ink from the dots to move the least? Answer:
The alcohol and water mix caused the ink to move the most. The oil caused the ink to move the least.

(5 points)
4. What differences did you observe in how the different colored inks were separated? Answer:
They were separated by each color of ink and how they were mixed together. Then when you use paper chromatography you’ll see all the different pigments of that separation.

(5 points)
5. What observations would lead you to believe that the ink is actually a mixture? Answer:
It’s a mixture because you have to originally mix things to get the ink color. Take green ink for example. You might have to take yellow and blue to make that green. Plus the pigments that were shown on the paper.

(5 points)
6. You are given an unknown type of clothing dye. How could you use the procedures in this lab to see if this dye is a mixture? Answer:
In order to find out if the clothing dye is a mixture, you would rub a small amount of the dye on the filter paper just like you would the dot of ink. Then...
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