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1.08 Forensic Science

By Ethan-Beharry Dec 01, 2014 146 Words
1. What do you think you'd like most about working as a forensic scientist? Why? What do you think you'd like least about working as a forensic scientist? Why?

I think I would like the challenge aspect of working as a forensic scientist the most because I enjoy things that require a great deal of thought. I think I wouldn’t enjoy working with dead bodies as a forensic scientist because I dislike dead things. 2. Do you think you suffer from the "CSI effect"? Why or why not? What problems do you think this "effect" has on the criminal justice system?

I don’t think I suffer from the “CSI effect” because I understand the limits of reality and human error. I think the “CSI effect” causes jurors and judges to have misconceptions about the quality of the evidence presented and the actual meaning of the evidence.

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