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Bata is a trusted name in shoe market all around the world. Bata Shoe Company ( Bangladesh) Ltd. is one of the leading shoe ret ailers in our cou ntr y . T oda y t he B at a S hoe O rganizat ion is a sprawling geo - centr ic company encompas sing operations in more than 70 countries around the world and is managed by 4 Meaningful Busines s Units ( MBU) acros s 5 continents. I t serves more than 1 million customers per day, employs more than 42,000 people, operates more than 5,500 retail outlets, manages retail presence in more than 70 countries and runs 40 production facilities acros s 26 countries.

The major change in the Bata business policy is the
segmentation of retail outlets according to profiles
of different market segments and the introduction
of novel concepts such as Bata City Stores. These
selective outlets, in conjunction with other types of
outlets such as Bata Bazar and Bata Family
Stores, are adding a new level of consumer
satisfaction. The City Stores incorporate spacious
floor space allowing a comfortable shopping
experience, modern interior décor enriched with
novel shelving systems, fittings, fixtures and lighting
that can be found in the large retail shops in the Far
East and Europe. Bata has a network of 248 retail
outlets located strategically in different parts of the
country. These retail outlets are an integral part
of its brand marketing. This extensive retail network
is supplemented by an equally extensive network of
depots and dealers. Bata has 13 wholesale depots
covering Bangladesh. Under these depots 389
RWD (Registered Wholesale Dealers) and 548
DSP (Dealer Support Program) stores are
operating. Bata Bangladesh has already developed

its vision up to 2013 showing significant business
growth as well as increased market share.

Since the company launched its own brand, Bata
Bangladesh has received the 'Superbrands' award
recently from the 'Superbrands' authority...
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