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International General Certificate of Secondary Education

Paper 2 Practical Test

May/June 2009
2 hours 30 minutes

Additional Materials:

Candidate Source Files


Make sure that your Centre number, candidate number and name are clearly visible on every printout, before it is sent to the printer. Printouts with handwritten information will not be marked. Carry out every instruction in each step.

Steps are numbered on the left hand side of the page. On the right hand side of the page for each step, you will find a box which you can tick ( ) when you have completed it; this will help you track your progress through the test.

Before each printout you should proof-read the document to make sure that you have followed all instructions carefully.
At the end of the test put all your printouts into the Assessment Record Folder. If you have produced rough copies of printouts, these should be neatly crossed through to indicate that they are not the copy to be marked.

This document consists of 7 printed pages.
IB09 06_0417_02/9RP
© UCLES 2009

[Turn over

You work for a company called Hothouse Design. You are going to perform some clerical tasks for this company.


Prepare an e-mail message to be sent to design.h@cie.org.uk which contains the subject line Holidays 2009
The body text of the message should include:

your Centre number

your name

your candidate number

the text: Please send the instructions that I need.

Send this message. You should receive the instructions that you need within an e-mail reply. 2

Read the reply to your message and follow the instructions. The URL which you will need is http://www.hothouse-design.co.uk


Take a screenshot to show you have searched for, found and are ready to save, the specified file.


Print this screenshot.

© UCLES 2009


[Turn over

You are now going to edit a document about the sales of holidays.


Using a suitable software package, load the file J9SALES.RTF


Set the page size to A4.


Set the page orientation to landscape.


Set all the margins to 2 centimetres.


Format the entire document into 2 columns of equal width, with a 2 centimetre gap between the columns.

10 Set all the text to a serif font.
11 Set all the text to 1.5 line spacing.
12 Make all the text left aligned.
13 Set the font size for all the text to 11 point.
14 Insert a page break before the first paragraph.
15 Format ONLY the first page of the document into a single column. 16 Make this first page a title page by adding the heading Very Special Holidays 2009 in a sans-serif font.
17 Centre align the heading.
18 Set the font size of the heading to 36 point.
19 Make only the words Very Special italic and underlined.
20 Below the heading, add the subheading Sales Report by and add your name. 21 Set the text used for the subheading to the same sans-serif font as the heading. 22 Set the font size of the subheading to 18 point.

23 Right align the subheading.
24 Place your name left aligned, your Centre number centre aligned, and your candidate number right aligned in the header.
Place an automated page number left aligned in the footer.
Make sure that headers and footers do not appear on page one, but are displayed on all other pages.
Make sure that all the alignments match the margin settings. 25 Move the third paragraph that starts:
Our new offering is at the Paradise Retreat…
so that it becomes the second paragraph.
26 Change the numbered list:
1. Strand
2. Oxford Street
3. Regent Street
to a bulleted list.
© UCLES 2009


[Turn over


27 Find the table which has the word Code in the top left cell. Complete the table by adding the Hotel and Location details as shown below. Make sure that...
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