03.02 Public Policy

Topics: Education, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton Pages: 4 (459 words) Published: September 30, 2014

03.02 Public Policy: Assessment

Education Public Policy
What is the most important thing in life? Most people would say an education which would be correct in my opinion but nothing is more important in life than giving everyone the best education possible, “from the day they start preschool to the day they start their career”, said President Barack Obama., there is no bill that has taken place but our beloved president and his team members have taken action to help all students receive an education beyond their four years in high school. He is also helping them afford college, trying to keep the college cost down, and making community college stronger than ever, Improving translucence and Accountability so far those are the ways President Barack Obama and his successful team members are using to accomplish his goal in higher education. Higher education should be a number one priority in life; students should get their motivation by their teachers, counselors, and school representatives or anyone who’s optimistic, ambition that can inspire them to achieve their maximum education, More programs are needed to build a for students that will encourage them to seek a high education, I feel Lack of educational programs causes of Poverty, reducing poverty through higher education. Life would disastrous and detrimental with a proper education.

Education will also benefit hard working students, teachers, also our economy, Communities and other educational program will also give back by helping other children who has a desire to get a higher education and further their education, Businesses will go beyond their limits to help stabilize our economy through hiring well educated individuals. To be honest a higher education has a lot of benefits from it, from having a secure job, and a secure home to giving back to your community and helping others who are seeking a higher education get a better education. But what are some cost/disadvantages of education?...
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