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02 10

By dcletch Jun 30, 2015 325 Words
02.10 Work File
Read the tale of Circe and translate the middle portion of this text. Type your translation below each numbered sentence. Circe
Ulixes nunc omnia praeter ( except ) suam (his) navem amiserat. Haec ( this ) navis ad insulam Aeaeam venit, quam Circe, maga ( witch ) potens (powerful) , regebat. Eurylochus ab Ulixe insulam explorare iubetur. Ulysses had now lost everything except his own ship. This ship came to the island Aenea, which Circe, a powerful witch, used to rule. . 1. Ulixes Eurylochum et suos (his) viros insulam explorare iubet.

Ulyxes orders Euryochus and his men to explore the island.
2. Circe homines in regia salutat, sed Eurylochus regiam non intrat (does not enter). Circe greets the men in the palace but Eurylochus does not enter.

3. Homines Eurylochi ab maga ,Circe, in sues mutati sunt.
Eurylochus`s men were turned into pigs by the witch Circe.

4. Tum exclamant "Sumus sues! Sed eramus homines! Eheu!" ( Alas! ) Then they shout. We are pigs, but we are humans. Alas.

5. Eurylochus ad Ulixem, cui totam fabulam narrat, maturat.
Eurylochus hastens to Ulyxes to whom he tells the whole story. Ulixes ad homines statim procedit. Deus Mercurius Ulixi (dative) herbam magicam, quae eum (him) servabit, donat. Ergo ( therefore ) Ulixes in suem a Circa mutari (to be changed) non potest (is able/can). Nautae in homines imperio Ulixis mutantur, et Ulixes cum Circa multos menses manet.Tum, nautae Ulixi (dat) rogant " Possumusne (are we able) excedere?", Ulixes navigare parat. Circe eum ( him ) de periculis quae invenient, monet. Ulysses immediately proceeds to his men. The god Mercury gives Ulysses a magical herb which will protect him. Therefore Ulysses is not able to be changed into a pig by Circe. The Sailors are changed into human beings by the power of Ulysses, and Ulysses remains for many months with Circe. Then, the sailors ask Ulysses "Are we able to leave?”. Ulysses prepares to sail. Circe warns him about the dangers which they will find.

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