'Walking in Someone Elses Shoes' Connecting Mockingbird to Rabbit Proof Fence

Topics: Australia, White people, English-language films Pages: 1 (403 words) Published: April 21, 2006
Rabbit Proof Fence:
There are two ways to connect the Mockingbird ‘walking in someone else's shoes'' theme in RPF the film. The first is of course how the Australian society did not believe that aboriginals were proper people and deserved the same rights as the European whites did in those days. This is because they lived in the bush and had no civilized way of living, according to the white perspective. Families were split up and children were taken to places where they would grow up and learn how to adjust and live in their new world. Though they would still not have the same rights as the Europeans they would serve them and this was said to be an honour because of the magnificent education they would be getting just rather than how to live amongst the harsh land of Australia without anyone but their family/tribes help. To understand how these people were treated and how they were affected then and now we must step into their shoes and we do through watching this movie and we end up understanding perhaps a lot more than we did before we watched the movie. The second way in connecting the ‘Mockingbird' theme is how the white Europeans are doing this because they believe that it would all turn out for the best in the years to come and how we must hurt them to help them. The government or the authority figures in RPF were not always trying to hurt the aboriginals physically, emotionally and mentally even though they did, they were trying to make a better life for these bush people and they believed that there civilized way was exactly what these people needed. So while we can see what the government had done to these poor people the whole idea was to help them not to torture them as many people saw it as, we need to walk in the shoes of Australian government back then and look at their perspective that Australia had to be taken care of and Australia was aboriginals too. This is what they believed they did.

So to really understand both points of view we...
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