''the Lower Classes Smell '' by George Orwell Compared to

Topics: Social class, Middle class, Working class Pages: 2 (492 words) Published: September 24, 2008
At the beginning of the essay ''The lower classes smell'' Orwell says that he was born into a lower-upper middle class. The thing that separates the English class system from other class systems is the fact that it's not entirely explicable in terms of money, that is to say, it's also a caste-system. I was a little bit confused as to what was the difference between the lower-upper middle class, and the higher-upper middle class. This confusion probably stems from the fact that classes in Croatian society today are not categorized in this manner.But the difference between the classes is more than obvious.In Croatia I should say the minority is living extremelly well; having a lot of money, influence, and real estate, opposed to the majority that has just enough money to get by and to feed their families. In most of these families, educating their children in another city is a luxury they cannot afford. It's sad that even today in the 21.century there are people in Croatia living below the living standard; without any running water or electricity.

The distinguished mark of the upper-middle class is,as Orwell noted,:» People in this class owned no land but they felt that they were landowners in the sight of God and kept up a semi-aristocratic outlook .« This ment that in theory they knew everything about servants and how to tip them, but in practice that had no servants, or perhaps just one. Another example is that they knew how to wear their clothes but they could never afford to go to a decent tailor, which reminds me of the ''phenomena'' in Croatian society where there are people that spend all their money on expensive clothes,making sure they look wealthy and at the same time don't care that they have no food in the fridge. Their whole income goes in keeping up appearance.I find this ridiculous.

Orwell also says that the average middle-class person was brought up to believe that the working class is ignorant, lazy, dishonest and smelly .This kind...
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