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Topics: Motivation, The Work, Management Pages: 7 (2452 words) Published: May 6, 2013
Case 1 Anderson Manufacturing Company
1. Ham Wilson in the Anderson Manufacturing Company case must choose between a career in management and a career in research and development. a. Describe Ham Wilson in terms of several of his key values (what does he value? Show your support for this.) The measure of a person's value mainly depends on how much this man did contribute to the company, as well as how much wealth they have created. Performing adequately expressive force is an embodiment of one person. Although there is a small problem for Wilson on interpersonal aspects, he loves to work and he dares to innovate. In the case, Wilson works very hard and Wilson is good at solving problems in all situations from work. People could change their strengths and weaknesses by postnatal efforts: how to think and how to do. Wilson's passion and perseverance to work always give himself a confidence in setting goals. Regardless how others evaluate him, he insists own opinions and do efforts to do work, which finally gets due values and brings wealth for the firm. Therefore, power and wealth Wilson creates are a standard of measuring values. Although Wilson is gotten doubt during a period of time, Wilson could take a broad view and has a long-term plan. He is innovative, which is also his personal values. He has sufficient grasp to prospects in the future. Good uses of time and technology make their companies strategically stronger than other companies and have more advance products than other companies. These can reflect the values of Wilson. b. Describe Ham Wilson in terms of the FIRO–B (show support for these positions) The Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation-Behavior (FIRO-B) is a behavior that highly choose and assess individual all kinds of respects which one pays attentions to according to one’s values and needs.    In this case, HAM is very enthusiastic about the work. However, he does not like to make new friends and just wants to be identified by colleagues. He is very positive to the development of the roller and he conducts in person.    Although I think HAM's leadership needs to be improved, his creation and imagination are great. In this case, he cannot affect his wife. By contrast, he is affected by his wife. Ham likes Holden and Porters in the story, so he wants to influence them. c. Describe Ham Wilson in terms of LSI (show your support) The Learning Style Inventory (LSI) is used to determine learning styles. It’s also a learning process to assess personal hobbies and need aspects. It does the followings: (1) allows to designate how they like to learn and expresses consistency of their active learning;(2) provides possible learning methods to set strategies; (3) increases the participation and offer in learning process. In this case, HAM was of allows designating how they like to learn and indicates how consistent their responses are active learning. In this case, HAM follows the first method above: he arranges subordinates how to learn relevant work and makes them consistent to do work. Although Horton invents the roller, there is no development and it’s just a kind of machine with regardless. However, rollers are developed successfully through HAM’s factual thoughts and uses. d. Based on a, b, and c and your knowledge of management as a career, should Ham move into the management position or should he remain a researcher/scientist? Why? I think that the HAM should do research at first and just be a researcher / scientist, because his ideas and innovative spirit are very strong. Subordinates appreciate him on his persistence and passion to work. He is very conscientious and keeps correcting his mistakes. HAM does his efforts to do every project. He does have good attitudes to it.   According to the FIRO - B, he is very not suitable for the management position. As a manager or leader, he should have an all-around view to a single performance. Therefore, he should still be a...
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