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Haruka Liu
Music and Art
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Drawing manga about “Erhu”


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Introduction 3 The goal 3 Selection of sources 5 Application of information   6 Achieving the goal 8 Reflection of learning   8 Bibliography   10 Appendices 12


Ever since 2008 when I was in 5th grade, I have been learning how to play “ErHu”(which is also called “Chinese Violin”)--one of the traditional instrument in China. Erhu is a kind of violin which belongs to the “huqin” family, and it is said that it was originated from Mongol in Tang Dynasty (618-907). [1] Erhu is a really popular instrument in China, everyone knew it. However, when I came to Japan in 2012, I was astonished that people didn’t even recognize the existence of Erhu. I thought it was really regrettable that the popularity of Erhu is inferior in Japan than in China, therefore I decided to choose a topic to raise people’s awareness of “Chinese Violin”.

The reason for me to choose the form of “manga” for my personal project was fairly simple. “Books” have been occupying a big part of my life since my infancy, and I enjoyed reading both mangas and novels. I knew how books are important to our daily life and how it is effective when to influence people. Drawing cartoons also have been one of my favorite things to do, therefore I thought manga was the best tool for me to handle.

The Goal

The goal for my personal project was to influence people in Japan as much as I could to be interested in the instrument ErHu. I tried to achieve my goal by creating a story about Erhu in the form of manga.

At first, I set up several guiding questions I thought that might be helpful through the project: 1. How can I make sure the accuracy of the drawings?
2.What kind of story would let the readers to be more interested? 3.How can I make it into a real book after finishing the drawing?

I chose “How can I express the feeling of intangible music within visual art?” as my inquiry question, because I thought it was the biggest issue for me. People use different senses for manga and music---manga is a visual art, but music is an auditory art. People can listen to music and feel it with their minds, however they cannot touch it nor see it. Even if every person in the world read my manga, no one would be interested if I cannot convey the charms of Erhu. Also, I had those questions below as well when the project had just started, because I was planning to “teach people how to play Chinese Violin within my manga”. But then, I realized that it was unnecessary to actually instruct the techniques on the manga; my aim was to get people’s attention to “Erhu” but not to let people be able to play it. When people got interested, they would find a tutor to teach them the details. My manga was only to prompt people. Therefore, I removed these questions from guiding questions: -What is the balance between story and information?

-How should I decide the order of the information?
-How can I draw the pictures that all the beginners can be able to understand easily? -What informations should I write, and which are things necessary for beginners to know?

I set up a few points that I would want to see in my final product: -The story should only include least basic information about Erhu. (It would be confusing if there were too much information) -Even if the story was not completed, it should end neatly in a way that people could...

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[6] MANGA★GET. “そもそもマンガ★ゲットってどんなところ?”. MANGA★GET, 2008. Web. 11 December 2013.
[7] 永远
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