“Are Women Better Parents Than Men?�? Essay Example

Pages: 2 (549 words) Published: December 7, 2011
Briana Mitchell
Miss. Miller
English 1
8 September 2011

“Are Women Better Parents Than Men?”
As a young woman, growing up in a house full of women, I can say that women because from birth, the mother nurtures the child and care for it, even though they aren’t born yet. The mother starts to learn the different ways of that child. Things that the father could never figure out. Then, once the child is born, most of the time, the child stays by (or with) its mother. Because she is the first person they learn.

Of course, as me being a female, I was going to choose women as being the better parent as to men being the better parent. But as stated previously, I can back up my answer with observation from my past and from the present day and experience. Looking back over my life, and thinking about how my mother raised me, it was a lot better than how my father “attempted” to raise me. My mother was a very nice, Christian woman. But she also had rules that we had to follow. She made sure that I would feel comfortable enough so that we would be able to talk to her if we needed to. She always let me know that if we needed her, she would always be there. Unfortunately, for some other children, they don’t have that close bond with their parents (mother and father) because they are either not in their life, or that child just doesn’t feel comfortable communicating with their parents, mostly the fathers.

To expound upon my answer, I also know single mothers that are doing a fantastic job raising their kids. I noticed that in a way, the children are raised differently when they are with their mothers then when they are with their fathers. I realized that that the fathers seem to give the kids more leverage. Some kids who have more leverage; meaning that they can do basically whatever they want, usually become spoiled. Then it’s a challenge for the mothers to kind of pull them back to the way they were. These mothers that I know help their children...
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