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“Why I’m optimistic about our nation’s future”

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“Why I’m optimistic about our nation’s future”

Tragedies such as Hurricane Katrina, the Oklahoma tornados, and 9/11 really test the strength of our country. There is never a problem that we Americans cannot overcome. Our nation is full of brilliant people who are such help to our nation. Every day our country is evolving and the possibilities are endless. Technology today is so far advanced and with the help of our younger generation, we will keep moving forward.

There are natural disasters that occur when the human spirit shows fortitude. Strong hearts and helping hands lift others. There are other hands that have brought great strength to out nation. These are our veterans that have fought for our freedom.

There have been combat soldiers who we really appreciate. However, there are some veterans who have never been deployed, but have been strength in building upon our nation. A veteran I know personally is Frank Jerez. He joined to serve our country and defend our way of life. In the words of Frank, training was hard physically and mentally. His past actions have shown me that trough hard work and dedication we can overcome our past tragedies.

Careers such as doctors, social workers, criminal justice, and firefighters are a great help to our country. Doctors are innovating new methods to cure different diseases. With today’s technology, everything is possible. Every day justice is being served which creates a safer community for our people. This gives us hope and confidence to move on with our daily lives.

There are always good things to look forward to in our future. We can never let hard times se us back. Without optimism, we will never give ourselves a chance to see the possibilities that we can overcome and achieve. Without anything to look forward to, it is easier to give up than to keep trying. With no hope, we set ourselves with what we already have. Our actions may lead to a better tomorrow.

There had to be a reason why we had leaders before us. Abraham Lincoln hoped for slavery to be abolished. Another leader of the past, Martin Luther King wished for all men to be created equal. They must have had hope for a bright future and that we Americans would rise to the challenge. Why so little optimism? People may be pessimistic because the challenges posed by climate change, the economic difficulties, dangerous mix of technology and terrorism, the seeming inability of governments to respond to these significant issues and others; people find themselves losing faith in our collective future. Till this day, we still have leaders, like President Barack Obama. He does not just keep our country safe, but he is collaborating to create a clean and secure energy future. Our country still has the same basic construct. If we believe that our actions don’t affect our outcome, we will end up feeling helpless.

Many people believe that the current generation I am in is “doomed”. Maybe because many older generations were lost in debts and they will not give up our jobs, leaving us with fewer opportunities to find a job. But I don’t believe so. We have more of opportunities now than we before. We can do better if we want to. It depends on us. Parents always want the best for their children. Today only a small quantity of Americans believe that their children will be better off than they are today. According to a Rasmussen poll, only 16 percent of American adults believe that today’s children will be better off than their parents.

Our actions do have consequences. Americans have never been helpless. Our actions can really make a difference. To improve the future, we have to change our beliefs about the future, then work hard to ensure that our beliefs and dreams become true.

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