“Understanding nurtures belonging- a lack of understanding prevents it

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Tony Jones: Good evening and welcome to Q&A. Tonight’s discussion topic is “Understanding nurtures belonging- a lack of understanding prevents it.” To answer your questions tonight, the author of the play ‘The Crucible’ Arthur Miller and contemporary feminist journalist Clementine Ford. Please welcome our panel.

Now, to begin, I think our audience would appreciate if you’d explain your situations and a little bit about the text that both of you have published, regarding Belonging.

Miller: Well hello everyone, my name is Arthur Miller. I’m from 20th Century America, and this specific play that I’ve written, ‘The Crucible’ is set in the Puritan society of Salem, following the fear and controversy of the witch-hunts. The inspiration for this play really stemmed from the Cold War that was striking fear of Communism in the lives of 1950s Americans.

Ford: Hey all, my name is Clementine Ford and I am a 21st century journalist having written for many of the large magazines and newspapers in Australia. I am a proud feminist and believe that Australia needs to work on the equality of all people! The essay that we will be discussing was one that I wrote for the book, ‘Bewitched and Bedevilled- Women write the Gillard Years’, edited by Samantha Trenoweth. This book is composed of about 12 essays written specifically about Julia Gillard’s leadership of the Australian politics, but more generally about women’s role in Australian politics.

Jones: Stephanie Johnson is asking our first question tonight.

Stephanie Johnson: Miss Ford, your writing is mostly about women’s place in our contemporary Australian society and their role more particularly in parliament and leading the country. My question is, in your opinion, do you believe that women are vilified in Australian politics due to traditional patriarchal ideals and values still in place?

Ford: Your question is exactly the crux of my essay, ‘The Red Barren’. I develop throughout my writing that although women

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