“the Story of an Hour” and “Desiree’s Baby”

Topics: Style guide, The Story of an Hour, Marriage Pages: 4 (1279 words) Published: July 6, 2010
Faith Orji
Dr. Raynie
27 June 2010
Comparison/Contrast Essay
Kate Chopin’s “The Story of an Hour” and “Desiree’s Baby” are two stories dealing with women who were trapped and isolated in a marriage by their husbands. These women felt like there was no way out and that they had to be devoted to their husbands. Eventually, the cause of them staying with their husbands was death. Although Louise Mallard and Desiree are both similarly trapped in a bad marriage, their stories are different on how they died, and how their husbands treated them. Louise and Desiree were in an unhappy relationship. In each one of these stories, these women felt trapped by their husbands and were affected by the power their husbands had over them. In “The Story of an Hour”, Louise has heart trouble; her heart condition was that she was trapped in a bad marriage. She finds out from her sister Josephine that her husband Brently Mallard died in a railroad accident. Louise starts to weep; as she goes upstairs she sits down and starts to think about life without her husband. She begins to whisper, “Free! Body and soul free!” (Chopin, par. 17). Louise is overjoyed when she believes her husband is dead and for once she finally felt free from him. Josephine comes to her door and tells her to come out. While walking down the stairs, the front door opens and her husband enters. Louise is shocked that he is still alive and then she dies. In “Desiree’s Baby”, Desiree was adopted as a child by the Valmonde family after they found her on the side of the road. As she got older, Desiree’s beauty attracted Armand, a wealthy plantation owner. Armand and Desiree are now married and Desiree gives birth to a baby boy. Desiree begins to feel a separation from her husband. Armand started to distance himself from her and their son because he realized the baby was mixed raced. He denied that he was black and tried to make Desiree think that she was the one that was black instead of him. Armand even tried to...

Cited: Page and M.L.A. style citation (15 pts.)The works cited page conforms to M.L.A. style guidelines as presented in class; the writer also uses M.L.A. style citation throughout the body of the paper, integrating quotes into sentences with tags as reviewed in class. |  10 points. I used the write citation/M.L.A. format throughout the paper. |
Development (25 pts.)The writer develops his or her discussion in a substantial way, explaining one point of comparison and contrast in depth before moving on to the next.  The writer also effectively integrates primary material into the discussion of his or her thesis, using examples to support his or her points.  |  23 points. I have developed my points to show compare and contrasts throughout my paper. |
Grammar and mechanics (25 pts.)The writer uses only Standard American English, avoiding the major grammar errors and inappropriate features outlined in the attachment to the syllabus. (See attached for minimum guidelines.) |  25 points. I used the Standard American English through my paper. I also fixed up mistakes that I made. |
Style (10 pts.)The writer chooses words carefully for rhetorical effect.  In addition, the writer demonstrates careful revision through mature diction, use of the present tense, sentence variation, thoughtful phrasing, avoidance of the passive voice, and the appropriate use of transitions.  (See attached for minimum guidelines.) |  10 points. I used the right choose of words. I also avoided the passive voice. I used the right transitions throughout my paper. |
Thesis (5 pts.)The writer poses an interesting thesis that he or she sustains throughout the paper. |  5 points. My thesis is very clear and straight to the point. |
Grading Standards Sheet (5 pts.) The writer has filled out the grading standards sheet with a clear awareness of the process involved in evaluating his or her own work. |  5 points. I have filled out the grading standard sheet and I have a clear awareness of my paper. |
Organization (15 pts.)The writer 's points have a distinct structure that grows out of the thesis, and the paper contains no digressions. |  15 points. My points grow out of my thesis. Very organized and easy to follow. |
Rough draft and conference (25)The writer clearly understands the assignment and brings a substantial draft to the conference.  |  22 points. This was my grade that I got on my rough draft. |
Total project points: _____________________
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