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“The media plays a valuable role in keeping us informed and entertained. However, many people believe it has too much power and freedom.” Discuss your views on this

By lexie0532 Feb 25, 2014 299 Words
Today, the print as well as the electronic media plays a pivotal role in our daily life. With the rapid development of mass media, we are, on a nearly secondly basis, well informed of news concerning what is going on in the world. More importantly, news media, to a large extent,can play a supervisory role, food quality report serving as a convincing example. Being aware of the fake and substandard food flowing into market,detriment to health has become the prior concern among consumers. Consequently, the report by news media could effectively curb such fake manufacturing。 Therefore, with the inherent advantages that mass media holds in the transmission of information, it is indeed a good channel to promote the development of public welfare. However, it is undeniable that the power and freedom of the media may be abused sometime. This is especially true when we consider the fact that today the primary purpose of journalists is, more often than not, to boost newspaper circulation or TV ratings. Consequently, they tend to delicate large amounts of space or airtime to gruesomely detailed reports about crimes. To attract eye-balls, a great deal of crime coverage, their disguised so-called justice, is rather biased, exaggerated or even fraudulent. These reports may terrorise communities and leave law-abiding citizens increasingly apprehensive about crimes. Even more disturbingly, it may provide the potential criminals with instructive learning materials and may traumatise the victims of crimes reported by the media as irrespective of feeling of these innocent people. Therefore, I would argue that the power and freedom of media should not go unchecked any longer. What we should bear in mind is how to make use them to curb social evils and ills and to promote the welfare for people.

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