“the Hurt Man” the Hurt Man by Wendell Berry

Topics: Short story, Narrator, Fiction Pages: 3 (1244 words) Published: August 16, 2013
“The Hurt Man”
By Wendell Berry A.
The short story “The Hurt Man”, written by Wendell Berry, tells about the memories of the childhood of Mat Feltner, who made an experience at the age of five, which leaves its mark on him, for the rest of his life. The story is told in a third person narrator, from Mat´s point of view. The story is told in a way that makes the reader gets a better understanding and insight in Mat´s future. For example tells us the narrator in the beginning “she would begin to matter to him a great deal in a dozen of years, and after that, she would matter to him all his life”, this is referring to Mat´s coming wife, Margaret. This gives the reader an insight in Mat´s future and we can reflect on it so we get a better understanding of what the experience has done to Mat. The story is divided into two parts. Its starts by being introduced to the protagonist Mat Feltner, a five years old boy. We get a description of Mat´s family and the town, Port William. The second part is telling about the hurt man, and the way this experience changed Mat. Mat is the main character; he is five years old and the “blessing” of his parents Nancy and Ben Feltner. After his parents lost three of their children, Mat became an only child. Because of that, his parents give their whole attention to Mat. This is probably also the reason why his parents are overprotecting Mat. Mat´s mother wants to protect him from the violence in their town, “She kept him in sight”. This is also why he isn´t allowed going in town on Sunday afternoon in the late summer. Here you see that the mother is afraid of losing Mat. But else she is a good mother to Mat. She is a loving and caring mother, who helps everyone. She is not a frightened woman, although she had lost her children. But besides her always black clothes, which symbolize mourning, there is no fear to see. She knows that there are risks by living in this...
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