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“Rebellion against parental control is part of growing up.” What are your views?

By fxnnnn Feb 27, 2014 675 Words
“Rebellion against parental control is part of growing up.” What are your views? Since young, children have been under paternal control. As they grow up, it is natural for them to rebel against what their parents tell or want them to do after years of being under paternal control. Most parents dislike it and find it frustrating that their children are rebelling against them. However I feel that rebellion against paternal control has its own benefits, if the rebellion is to a certain extent whereby the consequences of their rebellious actions do not affect their future negatively. Hence, I agree that rebellion against parental control is part of growing up.

Firstly, rebellion against parental control while growing up may be due to children’s curiousity regarding the bigger world out there that they have not experienced yet. Having grown up under their parents’ control for so many years, it is natural for children to tend to have the urge to find out more about things they do not know which are deemed unfit by their parents. For example, parents may forbid their children from going out with their friends, fearing for their safety and due the insecurity they feel as they do not know their children’s friends well and may not be able to trust them. However, if a child rebels against his parents in this situation, he will be able to make more memories with his friends, learn how to take care of himself and how to make the right decisions.

Besides children’s inquisitive nature, rebellion against parental control may also be due to a child hoping to learn to become independent. Under parental control, a child always has to listen what their parents say and his actions are always observed by his parents. With such limitations, a child cannot fully discover who he is and unable to learn new skills like responsibility and teamwork which are essential for survival in this harsh society nowadays. By rebelling against parental control, a child can break out of their comfort zone that they have been restricted to for many years and learn to discover what his own interests are and will be happier doing the things that he likes, instead of merely following what his parents want him to do.

Lastly, rebellion against parental control may be a result of peer pressure. As a child matures, his group of friends changes too. His friends may have certain interests and he may feel left out if he doesn’t take part in the same activities as them. One example is having a group of friends that like music and the child is the only one without any musical background. His parents may disapprove him going for music lessons as they find it a waste of time and money. However due to the peer pressure, he may rebel against his parents and go for music lessons himself if he has the financial means to do so. This may end up as a benefit for the child as he discovers something new that he might be good at. If he still doesn’t have any interest after a few lessons, it will still be a good experience for him after stepping out of his comfort zone too.

In conclusion, rebellion against parental control is part of growing up due to a child’s curiousity, his wish to become independent or peer pressure. Whatever the reason is behind a child’s rebellion, I feel that it is completely natural for children to rebel as they grow up as they will also mature and learn important skills that they require in life. However as the extent to how children may vary, some children may rebel and end up committing acts that may affect their future negatively such as excessive alcohol consumption and shoplifting. Therefore, I think that while parents must still keep an eye on their children, they should learn how let go of their children bit by bit as one day they will all become independent adults too.

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