“Learning in College”

Topics: Learning, Education, Learning curve Pages: 3 (1424 words) Published: October 21, 2014

Connor Lizotte
Kelly Colby
ENG1051 – L06
“Learning in College”
Learning is continuous process of getting new and polishing on the information that we already know. There are different places and areas from which we get to learn from. Learning could be got from the classroom environment through listening to instructors and reading books. Ones physical and social environment is also crucial means of learning. As Malcom X said,, “I've never been one for inaction. Everything I've ever felt strongly about, I've done something about. I guess that's why, unable to do anything else, I soon began writing to people I had known…” Learning could also be through personal experiences with other people and the environment. College students also learn from a number of areas. The major types of learning include instructional learning, practical learning, experiential learning, conceptual learning, natural learning and social learning. This easy paper analyses the various types of learning mostly common to college students. In its conclusion, the essay shall therein recommend on what the ultimate learning process should be among college students. Gardner, John and Jewler (2009) argue that instructional learning is one of the major forms of learning in colleges across the world. The college students sit and listen keenly to their instructor as they take notes. Assignments are given later to test masterly of the concept by the learner. Moreover, technology has a big role in the way modern students learn nowadays. This is through the use of digital recorders or video cassettes and iPods with microphone attachments. Students can record lectures and later listen on in areas they did not understand. This enables them to understand and learn more (50).Gardner et al (2009) further argues that for most college students, attending lecturers enables students to ask questions where they did not understand. It also enables them to master their areas of specialization (51)....
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