, “Being Raised by White People”: Navigating Racial Difference Among Adopted Multiracial Adults

Topics: Adoption, Race and Ethnicity, Parent Pages: 2 (521 words) Published: November 3, 2014

The reading from this week, “Being Raised by White People”: Navigating Racial Difference Among Adopted Multiracial Adults was very intriguing and it gave me a new perspective on multiracial adoption within the United States. Before reading this article I did not know that only 2.5% of all household include adopted children and less than 24% of those adoptions are reported as transracial (Kreider, 2003). In my opinion, I could see why being adopted could be difficult to cope with in general, but being adopted by people that are a different race than you must be even more difficult and this article gave me new insight about this. I think the interpretative study that the researchers conducted was beneficial to understanding how some parents believe that race is less salient for multiracial children than for Black children. The article states that one of the main reasons for this is that there is a persistent unmet demand for healthy White infants. It also says that “the state that this has increased the adoptability of infants with Black-White heritage compared with those whose parents are both identified as black” (McRoy & Grape, 1999; Quiroz, 2007). Moreover, there is a lot of consideration that takes place prior to the adoption process. One of the pre-adoptive decisions concerns the physical appearance of the potential adopted child. Often parents choose to adopt children with a White biological parent over African American children with lighten complexions for many reasons. I agree with the fact that by doing this they will feel more legitimate because they partially share the same heritage. I also feel like it important for parents to aim to find a child to adopt that has similar features as them in order to make it seem more believable that they are related. I feel bad that in many cases Black-White multiracial children endure racism from their peers and even sometimes extended members of the family. In my opinion, it is so important for the...
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