“An Action Research on the Effective Language Applied in Grade I Pupils of Socorro Central Elementary as Medium of Instruction”

Topics: Lingua franca, Second language, Visayan languages Pages: 10 (2847 words) Published: September 19, 2014
“An Action Research on the Effective Language Applied in Grade I Pupils of Socorro Central Elementary as Medium of Instruction”

Background of the Study

Socorro Central Elementary School, Socorro East District is already applied Mother Tongue Bisaya Language as medium of instruction in grade I pupils instead of English and Tagalog. This program is highly emphasized in the Department of Education across the road of success of the pupils learning stability.

This study describes an action research projection on the application of effective language as medium of instruction in grade I pupils of Socorro Central Elementary School to manifest the learning of pupils. In the data collected for the project, the researcher conducted an interview to the grade I teachers and grade I pupils to obtain information for an assessed task on three languages (English, Tagalog and Bisaya). The data is explored for insights into the consequences of the impact of learning and understanding of grade I pupils using three languages. In this project, the assessment is adjusted as a result of the data analysis and the subsequent consequences observed.

Literature Review on Action Research

1. Definition of Action Research

Action Research represents a growing field of educational research whose chief identifying characteristic is the recognition of the effect of learning and understanding of grade I pupils of Socorro Central Elementary School using three language languages (English, Tagalog & Bisaya) as medium of instruction. Action Research is a process designed to empower all participants in the educational process (grade I pupils, and grade I teachers) with the means to effective ways of teaching practices conducted within the educational experience (Hopkins, 1993)[1].

All participants were knowing, active members of the research process.

Action Research has been described as an informal, qualitative, formative, subjective, interpretive, reflective, and experiential model inquiry in which all individuals involved in the study are knew and contributing participants (Hopkins, 1993). Action research has the primary intent of providing a framework for informative investigations by pupils and researchers in complex of understanding.

2. The Design of Action Research

During and around the time of the conduct of research, data outcomes are collected in various forms, (conducting interview, interpreting the results of assessment and monitoring the implementation by observation).

The new adaptation program is carried out, and the cyclic process repeats, continuing until a sufficient understanding of (or implement able solution for) the problem is achieved (reflection and revision).

3. Principle of Action Research

What gives action research its unique flavour is the set of principles that guide the research to provide an overview with key principles.

Reflexive Critique
In sociology, reflexivity is an act of self-reference where examination or action 'bends back on', refers to, and affects the entity instigating the action or examination.

Dialectical Critique
Critique of Dialectical Reason attempted to show how what we call class is a special instance of a human grouping, or rather several levels of human groupings.

Collaborative Resource
The implication is including it in classroom teaching for instruction who may consider including a collaborative pedagogy in their classroom setting.

A variety of risks makes it difficult to develop and implement new processes.

Plural Structure
Data is a curious word which is actually a plural noun. This realization requires attention and careful consideration.

Problem Statement

Grade I pupils of Socorro Central Elementary School are experiencing a problem in understanding of English or Tagalog languages as medium of instructions were taught and learn effectively when Mother Tongue Bisaya Language is applied.

There were several pupils...
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