‘I Am Determined to Prove a Villain” Despite His Wickedness, Richard Charms the Audience as He Does with Some Characters in the Play. Discuss

Topics: Tower of London, George Plantagenet, 1st Duke of Clarence, Richard III of England Pages: 2 (667 words) Published: September 4, 2013
‘I am determined to prove a villain” despite his wickedness, Richard charms the audience as he does with some characters in the play. Discuss
In William Shakespeare’s play Richard III, the protagonist, Richard Duke of Gloucester, states that he is determined to be a villain. Even though many people see him as an evil person, he manages to charm the audience and major characters in the play, such as his innocent brother, George Duke of Clarence and his noble brother, King Edward. He also succeeds in winning the miserable, widowed Lady Anne.

Firstly, Richards invents a prophesy to turn brother against brother. He blames Lady Grey when Clarence gets arrested and taken to the tower of London. He make s Clarence believe that the only people who are safe are the queens own relatives and the late night messengers the king uses to fetch his mistress. Richard also lies to Clarence that he will do whatever he can to get him out of the tower he says ” Brother, farewell. L will unto the king, and whatsoever you will employ me in, where it to call king Edward’s widow “sister, “I will perform it to enfranchise you”. Richard charms the audience with his irony which they are fully aware of, he uses it to turn Edward on Clarence. This shows how charming Richard could be to the audience and the character while still manipulating them.

Secondly, Richard use his manipulating talent to change Edwards thought about Clarence. He make Edward believe that the prophecy about G taking away his children from the throne was true. Richard makes Clarence look like a bad person while making himself look good by pretending to Edwards’s children. Richard once again wins the heart of the audience with his language which has double meanings. Richard makes the audience think the prophecy is wrong when in the play G (Gloucester) does take the throne away from Edwards’s children. He also amuse the audience with his smoothness, he makes lying look...
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