‘Video Games Involving Violence or Aggression Are Simply Harmless Fun and Should Not Be Considered Dangerous’ Discuss.

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‘Video games involving violence or aggression are simply harmless fun and should not be considered dangerous’ Discuss.

Recent years, the market of video gaming has expanded rapidly as people’s wants for video games has increases due to excitements within. Video games in general does bring positive affect to players, it could ‘stimulate learning of skills such as strategic thinking, creativity, cooperation and innovative thinking…’ (Booth, 2009);for example: Guitar Hero and connect for jewellery. However video games in specifically with violent content would lead to negative effects on players. Some believe that video games with violent content would be dangerous to players especially on children and young teenagers; whereas some believe it is just harmless fun. I personally consider that playing video games with violent content would bring a negative impact to players especially to children and young teenagers, but not necessarily being dangerous like life theatrening.

Violent Contents in video games would definitely bring extra excitements however after getting in touch with such content for a certain period of time, it would affect the way how the young players’ brain work, especially when they are under this period of time where their body changes rapidly, on both physically and mentally. A research done by The Indiana University School of Medicine indicates that, the area of the brain where it controls self control and attention has evidently decreased the activeness after testers had been playing on a video game that includes violent content for a period of time, approximately half an hour. Based on this fact, we could suggest that playing violent video games does affect on the emotion of players, high possibility of turning them into very aggressive and also less decisive because their mind would keep on thinking and still focused about the game after finish playing.

Researchers and parents are not the only one that is concern about the violent...

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