‘the World Is a Beautiful Place’

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My understanding of the poem was to figure out if I was going to go through with killing my step-brother or the neighbor’s child or my last chose, to sacrifice myself. This poem had a lot of meaning. The poem meant the world is a beautiful place without continuous violence, people being unhappy, people stressing, some people dying, and even some people being on drugs or people starving or people striving to do good things. This meant to me that I need to take life and my education much more serious because many young people like me don’t have the same opportunities as I do. This also made me realize that I’m extremely fortunate to have a big house and new clothes to wear to school, and dinner ready everyday when I get home from school. Some people don’t have the same privileges as me. Some people are homeless and don’t have clean smelling clothes like I do and even some people don’t clean smelling clothes like I do. Some don’t have food to eat. The contrasts that were made were the good and bad things that occur daily in life. For example, when the poet contrasts “The world is a beautiful place to be born into, if you don’t mind some people dying all the time or maybe only starving some of the time which isn’t half so bad if it isn’t you.” This could also mean people don’t care what happens to other people, as long as nothing bad happens to them. My group created still images to create what we thought the image of the quote might look like. Our first image was of; people of high qualifications such as Doctors, Lawyers, Officers etc, standing tall pointing or looking down upon people of lower qualifications such as cleaners, bus drivers etc. Another still image we created was; the people of high qualifications we controlling the lower class people, as the lower class people were weak, lifeless, and in positions like a dummy or puppet and the higher people were making them moving. The still images were very useful because you got to understand what might have been...
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