‘the Power of One Shows Us That to Fight Injustice We Need Courage, Love and Friendship.’

Topics: Love, Emotion, Empathy Pages: 2 (811 words) Published: August 26, 2011
Based on the 1989 novel by Bryce Courtenay, the dramatic motion picture ‘The Power of One’ narrates the life of English boy P.K and his numerous struggles to overcome the racism in the Apartheid era. As the film takes us through P.K’s brutal losses and his gains, we are able to clearly see the continuous injustice against the native South Africans and the aspects of P.K’s personality that evidently help him reject the racism apartheid system; the courage, love and friendship that are needed to fight injustice.

Courage is needed to overcome losses and to find the willpower needed to continue fighting for what you believe in. P.K, without courage, would not have been able to move on after the deaths of his loved ones. As the numbers of those he loved and who loved him back slowly began dwindling P.K could have easily slipped into despair and have given up on his fight against injustice. However P.K implemented courage and found the strength required to overcome the loss of those he held dearest. This is best displayed by his obvious desperation as Maria was killed; his sadness and loss when she died made P.K consider giving up. Courage made him stronger and helped P.K move on after her death. It was only due to courage that P.K managed to overcome his loss and keep on battling for his cause clearly showing the need for courage if one wishes to battle injustice.

Love is the quality that allows one to exercise empathy and compassion thus rendering it possible for one to be just. Love is defined by several emotions, without love one could not empathise with other human beings and without empathy one could not exercise compassion; a complex emotion that allows one to put itself in another’s shoes and help them find a solution to their suffering. These two qualities allow for one to exercise justice by diminishing personal biases. P.K displayed a considerable quality of love and he directed his compassion towards the Native South Africans. This shows his...
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