‘the Constitution Is No Longer Fit for Purpose’

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‘The constitution is no longer fit for purpose’
A constitution is a set of rules that seeks to establish the duties, powers and functions of the various institutions of government. The constitution creates limited government so the government is checked and restrained therefore providing protection for the individual and their rights. the UK constitution is uncodified, which means that it is not all written down in one document therefore entrenched creating a higher law like that of America; it is split into several different locations, statute law, common law, conventions, works of constitutional authority and EU law and treaties. This means that the UK constitution is not entrenched or codified and sources such as common law and convention are not written down but are traditions and customs, the way government has always done things. The constitution is fit for purpose as it worked during the 2010 election when the outcome saw no overall winner and a coalition was created, it allowed for this to be done in just 5 days where as a codified constitution would have been much more ridged and have taken longer to work around or amend. However some people do believe that the constitution is no longer fit for purpose as they feel that it does not conform to the modern democratic world because most other democratic nations do have a codified constitution that is very hard to amend or change, and that because of this we need to create a similar entrenched constitution (many liberal democrats believe this is needed). They feel that the constitution is too uncertain and that it is difficult to know exactly what it says, for example the convention that ministers step down after making a mistake, it is only a tradition and therefore many chose to ignore it such as ………………… where as Dr Fox did therefore showing the constitution is made up as we go along. Some people also say that it is too flexible which means that there is too much opportunity for executive power to become...
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