‘Map-It’ Framework in Addressing Social Determinats of Health

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For the past two decades Utah County has been ranked among those US counties with healthiest populations. In spite of this, assessment on life expectancy of the inhabitants of Utah State shows that some problems have cropped into the local occupants depriving them of their once notable rich health status (Novilla, Barnes, Hanson, West & Edwards, 2011). A close examination shows that there are inherent health disparities among Utah citizens and this is as a result of the notable variations in life expectancies among different groups. Research shows that in some parts of the Utah state, life expectancy is 80 years while in the other areas within the same state the life expectancy is 70 years. Research shows that Utah ranking among the counties with healthiest population has dropped from position two to seven necessitating a corrective action to be taken so as to rectify the situation (Novilla et al.2011). Biological principles cannot solely be used to explain the deteriorating health of Utah residents. Only 45% of the disease cases are explainable using the biological theories. Individual life style, economic situation and the living condition has contributed significantly to the drop in ranking with regard to health status of Utah people (Courtwright, 2008). Primary Prevention Plan

MAP-IT is an acronym for the Mobilize, Assess, and Plan, Implement and track framework used in the implementation of the healthy people 2020. The framework is utilized in the planning and evaluation of public health intervention within communities. MAP –IT is an effective framework fort the creation of a healthy community. This framework is best tailored to the health of given community. I will utilize this framework to develop an action preventive plan that can alleviate Utah’s populations’ health condition. M-Mobilization of health care stakeholders

I would mobilize Utah department of health (UDOH) and government authorities to help it to handle disparities in health care. This is a key solution to the inherent problems linked to social determinants of health and their deterioration in Utah. Next, I would marshal Utah health information network (UHIN), the regional extension center (REC), the center for disease prevention (CDC) so that they can formulate strategies aimed at enhancing the health of Utah residents. The aim of mobilizing these stakeholders is to aid in the development of a strategic plan aimed at improving the quality of life of Utah people. This is with special focus on the increment of lifestyle related illnesses that have continued to deprive people of their lives at tender age (The center for public policy and administration, 2011). The government, families and health care professional’s participation in the program would play a key role in supporting health care and research with regard to social determinants of health. The goal of mobilizing the stakeholders would be to create awareness across the state on the contribution of social determinants of health care on health of Utah populations. The involvement of the community as stakeholder will ensure that citizens are provided with evidence based information regarding lifestyle and how it can impact on population health. The citizens will be able to get evidence and information on the way forward to increasing their life expectancy via proper diets and other lifestyles. At the same time, the government agencies will be able to devise a strategy for ensuring that the economic life of individuals is improved via insurance health scheme development for those at the grassroots (Gardner, 2009). A-Assessment for the areas of greatest need in the UTAH populations `In assessing the areas with greatest need I would utilize Utah department of health (UDOH) data base. In the process I would consider the people who have been admitted in the various hospitals across the county as a result of deteriorating health status resulting from lifestyle related illnesses. This...
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