‘It Is More Important to Be Clever Than Beautiful or Handsome.’ Do You Agree?

Topics: Problem solving, Suicide, Problem Pages: 2 (317 words) Published: September 16, 2011
Dear Editor,
‘It is more important to be clever than beautiful or handsome.’ Do you agree?

Outlook was the first impression to the strangers, so either you are handsome or beautiful, it gives a good impression to them. However, living in a modern society, being handsome is not the most important thing. Indeed, clever is more important in contrast.

First of all, clever usually makes you successful person. Let’s take an example. When you are studying at university, you learns well because you are more clever than the others. This makes you a greater academic results. The higher the academic results you got, the more the companies invite you to work. More companies want you means you are valunable, this indicates you are a successful person. In contrast to be beautiful or handsome, they only represents your outlook but not your talent or knowledge. As a result clever is more important than your outlook.

Secondly, clever helps you to solve problems. Once you got some hard problems, the less clever person could may get shocked with it and become standstill, or cannot solve it. Clever person could solve those hard problems rapidly and reduce the time spent. In a more serious conditions, such as divorcing problems, people may feel hopeless and commit suicide if they could not solve it. Clever helps in this condition, it solves the problem. Even clever person cannot solve the problems, they may understand that the problem has been a fact and cannot be changed, they had to face the problems. As a result clever is more important than what you looks like.

In conclusion, clever helps you to solve problems and makes you a successful person. Beautiful or handsome only represents you outlook and you cannot get anything good obviously. Clever is more important than beautiful or handsome.

Yours faithfully,
Chris Wong

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Thanks a lot~~
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