‘Inner Journeys Always Involve Unexpected Problems’. to What Extent Does Looking for Alibrandi Support This Idea?

Topics: Family, Mother, The Unexpected Pages: 4 (1346 words) Published: August 28, 2013
Unexpected problems are clearly seen intertwined throughout Josie Alibrandi’s inner journey to find identity and emancipation in the novel Looking For Alibrandi (LFA). The reappearance of her father, discovering her Nonna’s secretive past and the shock of John Barton’s suicide are all unexpected events that unpredictably shape and directly contribute to her inner journey.

When Josie's father abruptly appears in her life, Josie is forced to accept the fact that her father is not a myth and this significant event greatly contributes to Josie's journey in finding out where she belongs in her diverse, complicated life. Josie's illegitimacy caused numerous family /social issues for her mother and herself. Josie wasn’t treated well by both her Italian family and other students at school because of her situation; she felt abandoned from the beginning. This causes Josie's angst and negative attitude towards her father and because of it she doesn’t want anything to do with him. However, when Josie unexpectedly meets her father for the first time, the perspective she has of her father is completely different to what she originally thought. “ ‘This is my granddaughter Jozzie, Michael.’

Michael! My heart began to pound at one hundred miles per hour and I could feel the hairs at the back of my head standing on end… I looked at him and at that moment every image I had of my father flew out the window. I had thought he’d be tall. He wasn’t. I thought he’d be good-looking. He wasn’t. I thought he’d look like a weakling. He didn’t. He had a sense of strength about him.” (Marchetta.1992, pg. 38).

In this quote, the author has used specific language techniques. These include hyperbole and metaphor, for example, ‘my heart began to pound at one hundred miles per hour’. Repetition is also utilized: ‘I had thought he’d be tall. He wasn’t. I thought he’d be good looking. He wasn’t…’. Also, by comparing what Josie expected her father to look like with how he...
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