‘Football Academies and the Migration of African Football Labour to Europe

Topics: Globalization, Africa, Dependency theory Pages: 1 (363 words) Published: May 7, 2013
The migration of African players into European leagues and teams can be suggested to have negative effects upon African football (Darby, 2007). Within this essay it will try and critique the issues that Darby (2007) has concerns about. Darby (2007) identifies due to the financial superiority of the west, Africa have become the suffering nation due to such neo imperialistic behaviour. With Bale and Maguire (1994) suggesting with the dependency theory Africa have become the dependant underdevelopment state; due to the reliance of financial superiority of the west. For example the more successful teams within Europe developing new academies, to go in search of a new market in which to buy and sell product (African footballers) into higher rise football teams; thus producing more income for their team. Although Darby (2007) does mention in parts that certain academies can provide high level African athletes; the impression given is one of which the academies are set up for the sole imperialistic nature in which to produce high level athletes. Such suggestion from Darby (2007) could be associated with a hyper globalist pessimist; in that globalisation is occurring but in contrast there are things that could be done to improve matters. In connection, with suggestions from Crouch (2011) implies due to neo liberalisation, other companies (McDonalds and Nike) from the west take advantage of the raw talent (labour); that Africa provide due to its low cost and affordability. Crouch relating to Darby’s paper in that with the exploitation of different types of academies; certain associations can exploit the raw talent that Africa provides. Furthermore Darby (2007) relates to the neo-colonial importance involved with such exploitation of labour. Implications for Africa could arise with the academies producing a dependant relationship with the European countries (Klein, 1991); in relation again to economic superiority of the west, with Western football interests gaining power...
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